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I work with high-achieving parents who want a calm and peaceful household where everyone gets along, but who struggle with all kinds of chaos, conflict and challenge in the family unit. I offer comprehensive analysis of each family’s unique dynamics, as well as facilitating and supporting the parents so they can rekindle their relationship, resolve behavior issues with the kids, and actually enjoy being a family again.

I am a parenting / family / relationship coach and family dynamics facilitator. I work directly with parents who want to feel a cohesive sense of family, but wrestle with the ups and downs of frenzied family life filled with friction and discord. I love working with all types of parents and family structures,  and have a deep dedication and affinity for single parents, co-parents and blended families. I can also be a clarifying and unifying force for families at the tipping point or going through separation and divorce.

Girl Uses Smartphone and Ignors Parents Scolding

It's not just you...

What I see happening everywhere, is that parents are worn out, the spark is gone, and they’ve become two best friends (or worse – roommates) that are coexisting and sharing responsibilities of raising their kids. They’re burnt out and tired, the kids are driving them nuts, the house is a disaster, and they’re barely holding it all together — everything is hanging by a thread — and any one little thing could throw it all into a downward spiral.

But there's a way out. Little things that add up and make huge shifts. Ways to transform exhaustion into connection and overwhelm into fun. Yes, you have to do the work, but you don't have to do it alone - I walk with you through your family transformation.


With university degrees in psychology and education with a family studies emphasis; combined with a Montessori teaching certificate, as well as being a Certified Professional Coach from iPEC, I am uniquely qualified to facilitate your family’s transformation to the resilient and connected family you deeply desire.

Kelly Cameron: Coaching


with Self


with Partner


with Kids


with Co-Parent

Resolve the root of conflicts

Address behavior, responses and reactions

Agree on parenting styles and methods

Heal wounds and build trust

Create deeper connections with each other

Enjoy each other, have fun relax & laugh together

Build family resilience

Become a more loving and supportive family

Connected Care

My services are provided through private packages designed specifically to garner the best results for you and your family. I also employ hand-picked testing and assessment processes for different perspectives on relationship dynamics, as well as employing current technologies to stay as connected with you and your family as possible on a daily basis. The idea is that your healing will be the most powerful within your everyday life, not just in controlled coaching sessions.


Contact me directly for more information on packages and pricing.

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Healthy relationships are the foundation to dynamic and resilient families. When we are able to heal and grow our adult relationships, we are then better able to  love, support, and guide our kids to live their best lives by us leading and living by example.

Lead. Live. Love.

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